About Bituminous Flashing Tape

Bituminous Flashing Tape is a Self -Adhesive tape made of a Butyl & Bitumen Rubber Compund, Self Protected by re-enforced Aluminum Foil on one side and Adhesive side is protected by Release Film. Flashing Tape is a simple yet highly effective solution for waterproofing, sealing and insulation.

Product Details

Material Bitumen
Size 5 Inch,6 inch
Usage/Application Sealing
Brand Osaka
Color Black
Length 0-10 m

  • – Roofs – around chimneys and skylights, over joints/ cracks in tiles and roof cladding.
  • – Exterior walls – joints and cracks in asbestos cement sheeting, cracks under masonry ties and anchorages, around wall penetrations (such as water pipes), gutters and downpipes.
  • – Terraces – at joints between terraces and exterior walls, joints in parapets, roof edges, sides, flashings and joints. Inside the house – leaking pipes, showers etc.