About EPDM Rubber Profile

EPDM Rubber is the most preferred material the world over. A Thermoset Elastomer it is amenable to many processes and when vulcanized offers excellent physical properties such as compression set resistance, resistant to cracking, good UV stability, greater flexibility even at lower temperatures, and in addition it is also resistant to steam and moisture.


ORPL is a large importer of EPDM Rubber and are abreast of the latest developments in Rubber compounds and their relevant applications. EPDM assumes unmatched versatility and finds usage in a number of Industry specific requirements. EPDM far is the lightest rubber in comparison to other types of Rubber. Thus, its final product is longer in length (meter) per unit weight. This characteristic helps increase its spectrum of applications greatly.

Product Details

Brand Osaka
Material EPDM
Color Black
Size Customized