About Silicone Rubber Profiles

We offer Silicone Rubber Profiles. It has a temperature resistance ability through an enormous range, from sub-zero to extreme wish, to be more precise from -50 °C to 350 °C. Even at these extreme temperatures, it retains its characteristics: flexibility at lower temperatures and tensile strength at higher temperatures, though its overall tensile strength is relatively moderate.

It makes up for it with its other features as offering good electric insulation, resistant to degradation by the effects of weather, ozone, sunlight and oxidation. Moreover, with its superior colour stability, it is a naturally preferred elastomer for diverse applications, as much as in diverse environments. Silicone rubber extruded products can be obtained in both solid and sponge characteristics on multiple extrusion lines.

Product Details

Brand Osaska
Color Black , Orange etc.
Material Silicon, Rubber
Packaging Type Box