About TPV-TPE Rubber Profile

TPE stands for “thermoplastic elastomer”. This product family consists out of different formulations which are elastic but with temperature increase become fluid and thus processable like thermoplastic.
They comprise the easy processability of thermoplastics with essential properties of rubber.

TPE DetailThe TPE product line is differentiated in 3 segments:
 1. TPE-S: SBS and SEBS, also sponge SEBS
2. TPE-V: EPDM/PP a physical blend of thermo set EPDM rubber with Polypropylene, most famous brand name = Santoprene

Product Details

1. Low density
2. Hardness’s from 40 Sh A to 80 Sh A
3. Weldable
4. Recyclable
5. Adhesive backing possible
6. Extensive colours possible
7. Large variety of existing die’s
8. New profiles from 25 meters
9. Flexible delivery time


1. Hardness’s from 50 Sh A to 80 Sh A
2. Temperature range in between -50ºC up to 110ºC
3. Perfect resistant to polar liquids
4. Non resistant to oils, fuels, an organic solvents and detergent